About The WomenVerse Website

About The WomenVerse Website

WomenVerse is run by women for women. We are a volunteer run website helping women in need to find safe accommodation and shelter.

Many of our volunteers have experienced first-hand the difficulty of finding safe accommodation during a time of need. We believe helping women in need find safe accommodation is an important community initiative.

Listed in the safe women’s accommodation directory you will find emergency shelters, transitional housing, domestic violence shelters and family shelters that all cater to women in need of safe accommodation.

Our team of volunteers maintain and update listings for every state in the United States and every city where safe women’s accommodation is available for those in need.

If you know of a safe women’s accommodation provider not yet listed, please use this form to provide our team with details.

How can you help?

We often get asked by community-minded women and men who find WomenVerse and love the concept “how can they help”. Here’s a list of the top 3 ways you can help spread the word about the good work WomenVerse is doing.

  1. Link to our website so women who are facing crises or need shelter can find suitable accommodation using the listings on the website
  2. Share WomenVerse on social media. You never know what your friends, followers or social media fans might be facing and need help with
  3. Tell others about WomenVerse in person and online. The more people know, the more women our website can help