Contact The WomenVerse Team

Contact The WomenVerse Team

WomenVerse is run by women for women. We are a volunteer run website helping women in need to find safe accommodation and shelter via our listings database which is offered completely free of charge 24/7

Finding a local accommodation provider

Please use the WomenVerse website to find phone numbers for local shelters and accommodation providers. Phone local providers in a nearby city if you are a woman needing accommodation.

We help by listing providers nationwide in almost every city. Call nearby accommodation providers if you need accommodation, they may be able to help you find suitable accommodation even if full.

Donating or volunteering

If you would like to donate items to a shelter or are looking for information on volunteering opportunities at a women’s accommodation provider, please call nearby shelters and providers directly.

Due to the size of our listings database, we are unable to know which providers are accepting donations or offering volunteering opportunities at the current time. Best contact nearby providers directly for this information.

Missing persons

A missing woman can cause serious stress for family and loved ones. We believe it is best to contact the local authorities who deal with this type of situation. If you believe a loved one may be in immediate danger or an emergency situation, consider calling 911 (for emergencies only).

In all other missing persons situations, it is best to contact local authorities who may be able to assist.

Other matters

Please use the contact form below. We do get alot of emails so one of our volunteer team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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