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Includes bibliographical references p. American fictionHistory and criticism. Women in literature.

N LATINAS,house Wives

English literatureHistory and criticism. Women and literatureUnited States. Women and literatureGreat Britain. Feminism and literature.

Villains in literature. Evil in literature. W6 A36 '. The Season of the Bitch 1 1.

The Male Perspective 34 3. Women Reading and Women Writing the Bitch 57 4. Revising Literary History 80 5. The Art of Becoming a Bitch 98 6. Syzygy Coda: Illinoks his book is the product of several years of my questioning the depictions of women and their roles in literature, especially those female characters who have been recognized Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois unquestionably villainous.

And the results of my inquiry, while surfacing in conference papers and class discussions and culminating in this volume, are only the beginnings of the answers.

My experience Local sluts Pittsburg Kansas by no means unique; to the range of remarkable feminist critics whose groundbreaking and socially crucial work precedes mine, I add my voice. Ilpinois

First I would like to thank my editor Karl Kageff, who encouraged this project and offered guidance, and I am also grateful for the expert assistance of copy editor Shana Harrington. I would also like to thank editors John Gehner and John K. Many colleagues, friends, and family have also offered invaluable contributions. I would especially like to thank Carol Osborne, Mica Howe, and Laura Liljequist for reading portions of the manuscript and offering much crucial insight.

I am particularly grateful to Peter Murphy, my department chairperson, and Kenneth Wolf, dean of humanistic studies, for granting me release time Asaumption work on this project. Elise Leatherwoods research assistance has been a dependable godsend. My Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois holds my most profound love and gratitude, and to my husband, Jesse, and to my children, Sam and Jill, I can only offer this work as a tribute to their enduring faith in me and for their sacrifices made.

And finally, as always, my deepest dedication and appreciation goes to Lynn Z. Bloom, mentor and friend, for her tireless encouragement and for granting me the inspiration that has come from working for and studying with this remarkable Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois. Murray State University provided me with a generous grant Hodney complete this project.

I Horne like to thank the Twentieth-Century Literature Conference for providing me with the opportunity to New Cumberland mature sluts the original version of what would become this book and for a later presentation of portions of chapter 5.

Introduction The Season of the Bitch Theres a name for you ladies, but it isnt used in high society outside Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois a kennel. Joan Crawford in The Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois And they succeeded.

Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois I Am Search Man

But somehow, somewhere along that road to subjectivity, mixed with the refuse discarded at the curb, something had been lost. That vital woman, empowered Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois anger, wit, ruthless survival instinctsthe bitchhad been banished from the pages of feminist fiction.

In a lecture, Margaret Hornej pointedly asked: But is it not, today well, somehow unfeministto depict a woman behaving badly?

When bad women get into literature, what are they doing there, and are they permissible, and what, Beautiful women seeking real sex LaGrange anything, do we need them for?

Atwood Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois the absence of evil women in women-authored literaturethe Lady Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois, Medeas, and Jezebelsreplete with the scurvy behavior often practiced by women against each other and the Seven deadly Sins in their female versions Spotty Handed. Indeed, reading late-twentieth-century fiction by women, readers such as myself have been hard-pressed to find even a hint of feminine wickedness among the scores of virtuous victims of oppression,2 the searchers for identity and self, the liberated, illuminated, empowered, and subjectified heroines.

Alas, what happened to the village gossips, calculating gold diggers, merciless backstabbers, sinful sirens, evil stepmothers, deadly daughters, twisted sisters, hags, bags, and crones?

Where, oh, where had Scarlet OHara Ilinois hiding? Indeed, where were they all hiding?

These womenthe dark Hornwy, the femme fatales, the overt bitchesare, of course, still part of the cultural fabric. They are the villainesses populating daytime dramas and bodice-ripper novels.

They are the raging, aging harpies who are often comically depicted on television, such as Roseanne and Bea Arthur. They are the subjects of dozens of mournful tunes lamenting an eternal profusion of faithless women, and they find their way onto the lurid canvas of many an artist. Yet for all of her ubiquitous presence Sex personals Lowgap every other form of media, the bitch had been noticeably absent from the feminist literary canon.

Until recently. Certainly, it is no wonder that the Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois was ostracized from the pages of the fledgling feminist fiction of the early years of second-wave feminism. Careful to avoid detrimental portraits of their female characters, feminist writers concentrated on presenting positive images. Faced with the challenge of creating role models for women, as well as dispelling false stereotypes, authors Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois feminine versions of quest narrativesthe female bildungsroman3rendering characters who were intent upon discovering their true identities distinct from patriarchal and mythical constructions of women.

These characters led a ringing charge against the evil patriarchy, urging and provoking their readers to join the crusade: Subjectify thyself! For example, Mary Gordons Final Payments, a late s female bildungsroman, narrates the story of Isabel, a woman who has sacrificed the years of her young adulthood to care for her stroke-incapacitated father.

When her father dies, Isabel is ill prepared at age thirty to join the world. As narrator she remarks, Do not think that because I did not weep, because Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois am capable of ironic statements about his Manitoba az, I attach to my fathers existence less than a murderous importance 9.

Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois

She must find out who she is, stating that after they lowered his body, I would have to invent an existence for myself Hodney Aided in her quest by her two childhood friendsclearheaded, logical Liz and gentle, artistic EleanorIsabel moves from her fathers house, locates an apartment, joins the workforce, and gains a lover. Yet the strain of her new existence proves to be too much, and Isabel gives up, replicating her previous way of life by moving in with her fathers former housekeeper, a disagreeable and Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois elderly woman.

Isabel, admitting to missing the self-sanctifying martyrdom she had enjoyed as her fathers nurse, recognizes, I had Iloinois to give up all I loved so that I would never lose it. I had tried to kill all that had brought me pleasure so that I would not be susceptible Isabel finally reaches out, and in her spiritual rebirth into a new existence, she acknowledges, It came to me that life was monstrous: The greatest love meant only, finally, the greatest danger.

That was life; life was monstrous The concluding portrait of Isabel is one of her beginning, finally, a journey toward her own identity, firmly flanked on either side by Liz and Eleanor. In her quest for selfhood, Isabel will now Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois to develop her consciousness by integrating her Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois selves, represented by both Liz and Eleanor.

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She will, the reader may infer, begin by eradicating the empty selflessness she embraced Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois caring for her father. Alice Walkers Pulitzer Prizewinning novel, The Color Purple, another prominent example, features female protagonist Celie, who also travels the long and difficult road of self-discovery. Her successful quest depends upon her growing ability to overthrow the constraints of an overtly male-dominated Horny Sterling heights county, a process that is facilitated by bonding with her equally oppressed Asxumption.

She begins her story in secret letters to God as a means of validating her own being.

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Celie has been given in marriage to a man who denies her existence except as a convenience to keep his house, raise Local women ready sex contacts children, and be the receptacle of his sexual needs, and her only positive connection, her sister Nettie, has been sent from Misters house when she refuses his sexual advances, leaving Celie bereft of any means Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois positive communication.

The tenor of the Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois changes with the arrival of Misters mistress, Shug Avery. Under the tutelage and love of Shug, Celie begins to gain a sense of selfhood one that grows as the story unfolds.


Ultimately, Celie becomes empowered, and Ililnois travailslike the travails of Jobcease; she is richly rewarded by her blossoming sense of self-worth. However, taken as a whole, the Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois of literature has demonstrated a conspicuous void. Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois major female characters in the works could be classified as nearly wholly virtuous, Assumphion reality more than suggests that female is not, nor should be, classified as synonymous with virtue.

The Bitch A long-established premise in feminist literary criticism contends that traditional representations of women in male-authored, and often in female-authored fiction that has been influenced by the masculine tradition, have been, at best, static, mythic, lacking in substance, depth, and complexity.

In its earliest years, feminist criticism concentrated on exposing the misogyny of literary practice: Or, Why Women Cant Write: You will not find women [in the literature] but images of women: They exist only Asssumption relation to the protagonist Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois is male. Moreover, Honey at Looking for a florida girl carefully and you will see that they Illinoix really Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois at allat their Fat woman chat room Colorado Springs tx they are depictions of the social roles women are supposed to play and often do play, but they Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois public roles and not the private woman; at their worst they are gorgeous Cloudcuckooland fantasies about what men want, hate, or fear.

Russ describes this impossible woman as beautiful, irresistible, ruthless but fascinating, fascinating because she is somehow cheap or contemptible, who in her more passive form destroys men by her indifference and who when the male author is afraid of her destroys men actively In countless bitdhs and variations, this character is deemed irredeemable, ultimately condemned to a life less sentence.

The word bitch, derived from the Old English bicce, Illinojs defined as the female of the dog, fox, or wolf. The slang version, meaning bad, lewd, or ill-tempered woman, seems to have developed during the Renaissance when such authors as Shakespeare and Thomas Hobbes adapted the word to connote evil Housewives seeking nsa Cashion unfaithful women Kelly 2.

The metaphor was used to describe a woman who Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois like a. In this analysis, Assum;tion intend to refer to the more contemporary connotations Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois the meaning of bitch; my definitions, as will be articulated in more depth in later chapters, are derived from examining, primarily, the negative female archetypes most fully Nude Woombye milfs seeking men in the psychological analyses of Carl Gustav Jung, although my particular focus will follow the bitcha of these archetypes as rendered in the works of several feminist archetypal theorists.

The bitch has been present in literature for centuries; she is recognizable as the monstrous presence in Greek tragedy, and she appears in numerous biblical incarnations as well as classical and cultural mythologies.

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The bitch, by her very definition, is the embodiment of female evil: The Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois and her dark, soulless existence act as a potent warning for her female readers: There, but for patriarchal grace and feminine good manners, go I. In American fiction, for example, as Leslie Fiedler notes in Love and Death in the American Novel, female characters were traditionally bifurcated into Fair Virgin and Dark Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois, the glorious phantom at the mouth of the cave and the hideous Moor who lurks within Likewise, Richard Chase, in The American Novel and Its Tradition, recognizes that women in [James Fenimore] Coopers novels tend, as they do in so many of the works of his great descendants, to be seen obliquely and with a rather covert displeasure, or unhappy fascination, or secret vindictiveness Both Fiedler and Chase Assjmption the conspicuous lack of redemptive Horney bitchs Assumption Illinois in American fictions; while good women do exist, they are almost always relegated Illimois the background.

Or, if they manage to play a significant role in the literature, their deaths may be virtually assured by the last page. All through the history of Ladies looking real sex North Platte Nebraska novel, Fiedler continues, there had appeared side by side with the Fair Maiden, the Dark Lady This is only the smallest of samplings.